Math Center Activity - How Many Letters in Your First Name?

Math Graphing Preschool Printable
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Sheree of Peterson's Pad created this fun graphing exercise that is sure to be a hit with your kiddos! Halloween loot. M&Ms. Jelly beans. Skittles. Lucky Charms marshmallows. Garden seeds. There are lots of things your students can sort and graph these days, but they take time and energy to set up. This graphing activity doesn't take a ton of preparation because your students are the subjects of the exploration - specifically, their names! 

To begin, have students write out and count the number of letters in their name, recording their answer on the graphing worksheet. When finished, have them determine if the number is less than, equal to, or more than 6, placing a tally in the appropriate box. Have each student share their findings with the class and, as they do, invite your kiddos to keep track of the data on their worksheet using tally marks. When all the data has been collected, students will then be responsible for totaling each box, transferring the results to the graph, and analyzing the findings!

For this fabulous no muss, no fuss graphing activity, be sure to visit Peterson's Pad!