Making the Periodic Table Fun

Chemistry can be frustrating for many children. With its unique concepts and magnitude of information, your students may start to feel overwhelmed and even doubt their ability to 'get it'. Janice VanCleave, Science Project Ideas for Kids creator, provides a fun perspective on bringing science to the classroom.

VanCleave started with her own ideas on teaching the periodic table of the elements then asked teachers, parents, and students alike to submit their ideas for periodic table games. Amida, a homeschool mom, rose to the challenge, creating a fun, educational game that students will enjoy playing time and again! Adapted from a mixture of game styles and rules, most of all BINGO, students create a game card of twenty-five elements chosen from a mixed stack (Amida created cards for the first eighty-nine elements). Clue cards that have been created to match each element in play, are then shuffled and placed in the middle where students take turns drawing on their turn. If the clue matches an element on their game card, the student can turn the piece over. If it doesn't, the card is discarded face up. The next student will then have a choice, they can pick up the discarded clue card if it matches an element on their own game card or draw a new clue. The game is complete when one student has turned over five element pieces in a row.

Be sure to check out Amida's full post for more suggestions, rules, and printouts! With this game, your students will have fun learning the properties of each element!

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