Lots~O~Dots - Fourth of July Games, Deco, & More!

Fourth of July Game Preschool Printable
Photo Source: allsorts.typepad.com

These cute little patriotic circles created by Jenny Harris of Allsorts are a fantastic resource for your Fourth of July Unit! Why? Because, not only are they super cute, they're also über versatile!

Use them as...

  • Game pieces. Print two copies, cut out, and laminate, inviting your kiddos to place them face side down on a flat surface and play a memory/matching game!
  • Sorting coins. Invite your kiddos to come up with various ways to sort the "coins". For instance, "has flowers v. does not have flowers", "has dots v. does not have dots", "has dots, has flowers, has both," etc.
  • Patterning coins. Print multiples, cut out, and laminate, inviting your preschoolers to create various patterns with the coins - ABAB, ABCABC, AABAAB, ABBABB, etc.
  • Counting discs. Have your preschoolers use the circles as simple counting manipulatives. The activities are endless!
  • Classroom/Home decoration. String the discs together to create a fun garland to hang on the hearth, around windows, along the staircase, around a bulletin board, etc. You might also hang them vertically to create a "mobile" of sorts!
  • Building discs. Cut four small slits in the sides of each laminated disc and invite your kiddos to build/create! {Similar to this activity from Made by Joel!}

Not to mention, if you're making any special holiday treats, these little circles make adorable cupcake toppers, favor bag labels, etc! Head on over to Allsorts for this awesome printable!