Letter Matching with Easter Eggs

There are so many wonderful activities out there for Easter. This exciting exercise comes from Heather, a stay-at-home mom and creator of the blog Eager Little Mind. All you need are colorful plastic Easter eggs and an black permanent marker. Inspired by Nancy Fetzer and Sandra F. Rief's resource "Complete Alphabet Learning Center Activities", this activity will strengthen letter recognition and allow student's to make connections between letters, words, and pictures. Gathering twenty-six eggs, write an uppercase letter on on one half of the egg and five or six different lowercase letters on the opposite side. Be sure one of the lowercase letters matches the capital letter. Create an egg for each letter of the alphabet.

In addition, collect a small object, printed word, or picture beginning with each letter of the alphabet to place in each egg. Once students match the upper and lowercase letters, they will enjoy opening each egg to find the mystery object inside! An inexpensive activity your students will enjoy mastering!

Eager Little Mind: ABC Egg Twist activity

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