Let's Practice Counting! Matching Game

Mastering counting can be a difficult task for many preschoolers. A great way to help them learn is through the use of games that make use of repetition and fun! Here is an awesome matching game your students are sure to love practicing with!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Heavy card stock
  • Word processing software
  • WonderFoam peel and stick stars (assorted colors and sizes)
  • Velcro dots
  • Plastic document protectors

Let's Practice Counting! Matching Game

  1. Download the game board template and print it onto sturdy card stock. In all, the template provides practice for counting from one to twelve, split into two different "boards" (1-6 and 7-12). It doesn't matter whether you print two separate pages or print them onto one piece of card stock, front and back.
  2. Place the game board into the plastic document sleeve.
  3. Download the game piece template and print two copies onto card stock. Cut out the individual game squares and decorate with the WonderFoam peel and stick stars. On the first card, place one large star, one the second place two stars, etc. until you reach twelve.
  4. Place half of a Velcro dot within the square of the game board (apply directly to the document sleeve) and the other half to the back of the game cards.
  5. To play, place all of the game cards into a large basket. Invite the student to pick a piece then match it to the proper number on the game board. Continue until all the game pieces have been matched.

Your students will benefit from the extra number practice, will appreciate the colorful game pieces, and will strengthen fine motor skills as they attempt to line up and attaching game pieces! Plus, with this homemade game, you'll be able to provide fun learning tools without breaking the bank!

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