Lets Play Pretend

Children are constantly looking for new inspiration during playtime. This is one of the many reasons they are so prone to play pretend or make believe. Their minds provide a limitless array of new play themes, roles, and situations. Marie-Jo, EducatAll contributor, has provided a wonderful suggestion for encouraging creativity and imagination. Most classrooms have a play corner stocked with books, toys, and games for use during free time. Additionally, most educators have found it beneficial to rotate activities so that children don’t get overwhelmed or bored with the available toy selections. An inexpensive way to alternate options is to organize materials into thematic bins, bringing a new theme into the classroom periodically.

Some great examples include:

• A Day At The Beach—sunglasses, hats, beach towels, umbrellas, empty sunscreen container, plastic cooler, plastic picnic food, plastic picnic plates and utensils, buckets, sand toys, blowup rafts, goggles, Frisbee. • Fire House—helmets, bright yellow jackets, boots, short hoses, stuffed Dalmation, plastic fire hydrant, flashlights, fire trucks, play first aid kit. • A Day On Safari—sunglasses, safari hats, binoculars, animal guides, maps, canteens, mini-fans, compass.

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