Learning Through Labeling

Here is a great learning activity that promotes spelling and literacy skills, organizational and ordering skills, and many many more! All you need is a classroom full of ordinary objects and some removable wall letters!

Armed with letters, have your students lead you on a 'treasure hunt' for interesting objects around the classroom. At each stop, have the children identify the item (e.g. door, window, chalkboard, etc.), then use the letters to label it. So that everyone gets a chance to help, have each child take a turn leading you to a favorite spot or item and, once the class has agreed on the proper spelling, let them place the letters by the object.

When you've finished labeling objects, give opposites a try. Have your students find places to use 'on/off', 'open/closed', 'high/low', 'full/empty', etc. This is a great activity for a rainy day. The best part is the easy clean-up!

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