Learning Colors - A Simple Matching Game

Matching Game for Learning Colors
Photo Source: Olives and Pickles

Help your little ones learn their colors with this super simple matching game that was featured on Olives and Pickles. You will only need a few supplies to get the game started!


Felt in assorted colors

White paper


Black marker

Cut the felt into squares, making sure you have two of each color. For the first variation (shown above), set out one of each color square and have your little one match the corresponding colors.

For the second variation you will need to write the name of each color on a piece of paper (you could also print them out). Then place the name of each color on a flat surface and have your child place the colorful felt squares next to the correct written color. If you're kids are really young, you may need to read the colors off the them when you begin.

Matching Colors Game
Photo Source: Olives and Pickles

With this simple matching idea, your kids are sure to have their colors memorized in no time!

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