Learning About Temperature & Sequencing with Snowmen

snowman temperature sequencing cards
Photo Source: makinglearningfun.com

Here's a cute little science printable from Jo at Making Learning Fun where your preschoolers will learn to make the connection between temperature and the 'life cycle' of a snowman! Each card features a snowman - in various stages of the melting process - as well as a thermometer displaying the approximate temperature at each 'life' stage. Students are then encouraged to place the cards in order, starting with a full snowman at the very coldest temperature and ending with a 'puddled' snowman at the very warmest temperature.

Activity Objectives

  • Students learn about thermometers - what they look like, what they're used for, and how to 'read' one.
  • Students learn that colder temperatures are represented by lower numbers (and create 'shorter' bars on the thermometer) and warmer temperatures are represented by higher numbers (and create 'taller' bars on the thermometer).
  • Students practice number recognition as they decipher the temperature on each thermometer. If the numbers are too high/hard, students will practice the concepts of "taller than" and "shorter than" as they order the cards (i.e. ordering the thermometers from tallest to shortest will reveal weather conditions from warmest to coldest and vice versa).
  • Students will practice the concepts of sequencing and ordering.
  • Students will learn about the 'life cycle' of snow (and snowmen!), particularly that as temperatures climb above freezing snow begins to melt and melts at different paces as it gets warmer and warmer.

This little exercise offers a chance for students to practice several basic skills while also learning about something new! Be sure to visit Making Learning Fun for the download and other great early childhood activities!

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