Learning About Coins in the Elementary Classroom

Teaching children about money (e.g. the different denominations, the value of each different coin, etc.) can be a challenging job. Amy of Teach Mama suggests purchasing a package of play money kit and using these songs/poems to help children learn!

Ten Pennies

One little, two little, Three little pennies. Four little, five little, Six little pennies.

Seven little, eight little, Nine little pennies. Ten little pennies in a dime.

From Scott Foresman--Addison Wesley Coins

Penny, penny, Easily spent Copper brown And worth one cent.

Nickel, nickel, Thick and fat, You're worth five cents. I know that.

Dime, dime Little and thin, I remember, You're worth ten.

Quarter, quarter Big and bold, You're worth twenty-five I am told!

Half dollar, half dollar The biggest coin You're worth fifty cents And are hard to find!

From Gavin--atozkidsstuff.com

Not only will these help you teach your elementary students about coins, having them read or chant the poems out loud will strengthen their literacy skills.

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