Learning About Butterflies with FREE Printable

Butterfly Activities for Spring
Photo Source: Primary Press

Vickie over at Primary Press put together several ideas and a free printable for teaching her kiddos all about butterflies and we have to share it with you! A perfect lesson plan for Spring!

Before you start in on your activities, come together as a class and read several nonfiction books about butterflies. There are SO many options to choose from, but here are a few suggestions:

  • I'm a Caterpillar (Hello Reader! Science Series) by Jean Marzollo
  • Caterpillar to Butterfly (National Geographic Readers Series) by Laura Marsh
  • From Egg to Butterfly by Shannon Zemlicka

Once you've finished reading, put together a chart as a class all about butterflies. Where do butterflies live? How do butterflies get around? Do butterflies have legs? Just a few examples of questions you could pose to your kiddos when coming up with your facts!

Then, use a magazine (or go online) to find pictures of the four stages of a butterfly's life cycle and have your students help you create a class poster by putting the stages in the correct order. A great visual representation for learning the life cycle!

And the CUTEST part - If you're able to, get your hands on a few caterpillars and keep them as class 'pets' for a bit to watch the life cycle in action. Your kids are sure to be mesmerized as the cute little caterpillars transform into chrysalises, and then finally into beautiful butterflies.

When you're finished with your class activities, read the story Charlie the Caterpillar to your class (a great lesson on what it means to be a true friend!). Take a few minutes at the end of the story to write down Charlie's feelings and characteristics and then have your students transform the thoughts into a creative writing assignment. Vickie even provides a FREE printable worksheet you can use here. There is also a space for your kiddos to add a cute drawing of Charlie!

Printable Worksheet to Coincide with Charlie the Caterpillar Story
Photo Source: Primary Press

Be sure to head over to Primary Press to check out Vickie's fantastic ideas!