Ladybugs + Math = Lots of Preschool Fun!

Who knew that mixing ladybugs and math would have such a positive result? Allie, creator of No Time for Flash Cards, recommended this fun activity that mixes counting and number recognition with brightly colored insects.

Supplies You'll Need
- Colored craft paper or construction paper (preferably in red, black, and yellow)
- Cardboard or sturdy card stock
- Westcott kids scissors
- Washable craft glue
- Washable markers
- Wiggle eyes In preparation: Use a marker to draw the shape of a ladybug onto the construction paper and cut it out. Allie made four insects, but you can certainly adjust this number depending on your needs. To keep your ladybugs from 'traveling' during the activity, secure them to a cardboard or card stock base and decorate each bug with wiggle eyes and a smile. Pre-cut plenty of black circles for ladybug dots and create number 'flash cards' that display the number and its spelling (i.e. "8" and "Eight"). Make cards for numbers 1-10. If your students choose a higher number, just put two cards together (introducing them to addition).

To use: Provide your students with the blank ladybug board. Ask them to choose a number for each bug. Place the chosen number flash card at each bug and help students count (out loud) the correct number of dots for each insect. Clear the board and play again.

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