Lacing Activity for Fine Motor Development

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Mastering fine motor skill is important for your preschoolers. Shannon, creator of the blog Shannon's Tot School, recommends providing your students with lacing activities during class time and free play. Here's a great idea that your students are sure to love!

Supplies You'll Need

Making The Lacing Sheets

Download the animal templates (or find your own) and print them onto heavy card stock. Use these to trace animal shapes onto WonderFoam® sheets in assorted colors and use your craft scissors to carefully cut them out. With a paper punch, create holes around the outside edge of the shape, about 1/2" apart.

Using The Lacing Sheets

Whether you've decided to use the beading laces, shoelaces, or a needle and yarn, tie a knot at one end of the string. Demonstrate for your students how to pull the cord through the first hole until the knot stops and how to continue lacing (reminding them to pull the string all the way through the hole).

This activity not only strengthens focus, coordination, and control, it will also help develop patience and the ability to follow directions!

Make Your Own Lacing Cards « Shannon's Tot School

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