Keeping Track of Late/Missing Assignments: No Homework Binder

Classroom Management Tricks and Strategies for Teachers
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While it's important to keep track of missing and/or incomplete assignments so that consistent problems can be diagnosed and handled in a quick and efficient manner, it can also be a pain to document each one. Middle school science teacher, Melissa , over at Teach Bake Love shares a solution that has served her well in the classroom - a "No Homework Binder". Keeping all the paperwork in one place has never been so easy and, the best part is, your students do most of the work!

Here's how it works...

At the beginning of the year, each student is provided with a recording sheet. They are instructed to write their name at the top {and period/hour, if applicable} then return it to the teacher. The sheets are then organized in the binder in alphabetical order {again, also by period/hour, if applicable}. In the event that a student has failed to turn in an assignment or has handed in an incomplete assignment, they will be directed to the "No Homework" binder and instructed to complete a line item on their recording sheet - i.e. date, name of the assignment, and why they failed to complete it. {NOTE: We really like one of the comments that was posted, suggesting the addition of a fourth column where students explain what they're going to do about the missing/incomplete assignment!}

Not only does this solution take a lot of the work off your shoulders, since your students will be the ones filling out the sheet, it also provides students with an opportunity to make connections as they think about the reason they did not complete the assignment, promotes student responsibility, and supports healthy student behavioral expectations!