Juice Carton Birdhouses

While binoculars can make a great addition to any classroom's bird watching enthusiasts, get up close and personal to your feathered friends with this fun classroom birdhouse. All you need is a recycled juice container and a few other supplies.

Supplies You'll Need
- Juice container
- Exacto knife
- Tempera paint
- Kid's paint brushes
- Craft sticks
- String
- Hot glue gun
- Straw Begin by washing and drying the juice container, then using an Exacto knife to cut a hole in the side of the carton. For safety reasons, this process should be completed by an adult before beginning the activity.

Provide your students with shallow containers of paint and brushes, encouraging them to decorate their juice cartons. As an alternative to painting, provide your students with scraps of paper to glue around the container then cover it with contact paper. Once the carton has been decorated, instruct your students to count out two sets of 10 craft sticks and bring them to the gluing station along with their container. Have them line the sticks up side by side so that you can glue them together then to the carton. Help them punch a hole in the top of the container and invite them to string a piece of yarn through the holes.

Afterward, students can then take their birdhouses to the 'straw' station, collecting a bit of straw to place at the bottom of the container. Keep one birdhouse to place outside the classroom window and send the rest home for students and their families to enjoy!

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