It's Been A 'Seed'sational Year! - End of the Year Bulletin Board

Watermelon Themed Writing Prompt and End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea

Nothing screams 'summer' like a big juicy watermelon! This colorful watermelon themed bulletin board not only provides a festive backdrop for your last weeks of school, it also doubles as a memory board where students can share their favorite memories made throughout the year!

'Seed'sational Memories

To go along with the board, we created a simple prompt paper that your kiddos can use to write about their favorite memory.

Once your students have filled them out, mount the prompt pages onto colored card stock and arrange on the board!

It's Been A 'Seed'sational Year!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "It's Been A 'Seed'sational Year!"
  • Border: Create a layered look with hot pink and lime green patterned trimmers.
  • Decoration: We couldn't find any pre-made watermelon accents, so we suggest finding clip art images online that can be enlarged, traced onto green and pink bulletin board paper, cut out, and assembled. Add the watermelon cutouts to the bottom right corner and fill in the remaining space with your students' writing prompts!

It's Been A 'Seed'sational Year! - End of the Year Bulletin Board


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