Introducing Ordinal Numbers

Advanced Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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Since they have already been introduced to them throughout the course of their lifetime at home, school, and even in play, working with ordinal numbers as a group math exploration activity seems like a natural fit! Renee and Heather, creators of the website, School Sparks, make it easy to teach your preschoolers about ordinal numbers with a series of worksheets that range from beginner to advanced. [NOTE: In the beginning, we suggest completing these activities as a class or small group, rather than in independent math centers. With the new vocabulary words and concepts, your students will most likely need more direction and help. As they progress and become familiar with the 'lingo', they'll be able to complete the activities on their own.]

Beginning Ordinal Worksheets. In the beginning stages, students will work with the first three ordinal numbers, striving to commit the new sight words to memory {since, as Renee points out, they have little to do phonetically-speaking with their corresponding numbers}.

Intermediate Ordinal Worksheets. The next worksheets add the fourth and fifth ordinals to the mix. [NOTE: These worksheets have your kiddos working with the number designations - like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th - while the beginning worksheets stressed the word designation of the ordinals - first, second, third, etc. Keep this in mind, having your students practice/learn both versions as they go along.]

Advanced Ordinal Worksheets. In this series of worksheets, students will be introduced to ordinals six through ten, while reviewing the first five. Once your kiddos have command of the new vocabulary, these worksheets are a great way to assess their knowledge. They also are a great way to review color word vocabulary!

Be sure to head on over to School Sparks for these downloads and many more great early childhood worksheets!