Hot Air Balloon Shape & Color Match


preschool worksheet featuring a hot air balloon and shape matching
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In honor of Aviation Month, here's an exciting hot air balloon printable that with help your preschoolers brush up on several different skill sets. Using this worksheet designed by the creators of First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts students will practice:

baby block 1 Matching Skills. Your preschoolers will sharpen observation and problem solving skills as they match the shape cutouts to their proper place on the hot air balloon.
baby block 2 Shape Recognition. Students will practice identifying basic shapes in order to match them to their proper place on the hot air balloon.
baby block 3 Color Recognition. Students practice identifying colors as they trace the hot air balloon with coordinating colors.
baby block 4 Fine Motor Skills. As students cut out the shapes, they are strengthening coordination, control, and focus.
baby block 5 Pre-Writing Skills. By tracing the hot air balloon, students strengthen the skills needed for writing - movement in different directions, effective hand position, effective writing tool position, and hand strength.

After they've finished the worksheet, you can use it for a fun craft! The creators of First-School suggest cutting the hot air balloon out, mounting it onto a piece of blue construction paper, and having your students create clouds with cotton balls. Your students might also enjoy donning a captain's hat and having their picture taken against a sky background that can later be pasted onto the hot air balloon project.

Be sure to visit First-School for the download as well as their sister sites for this and other excellent early childhood resources!

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