Homemade Confetti "Leaf" Fall Tree Craft for Preschoolers!

Photo Source: Little Family Fun

As the leaves begin to change, now is the perfect time to do a fall tree craft with your kiddos! There are tons of projects to choose from, but we really like Linda's take on this traditional craft. She and her kiddos made confetti trees using homemade construction paper confetti "leaves"!

Linda shared the craft at her blog, Little Family Fun and we highly recommend heading over there and checking out all of her great projects!

If you're interested in the confetti trees, here's what you'll need...


white card stock

brown crayon

construction paper in fall colors {red, orange, yellow, and brown}

single hole punch

craft glue

Creating the Confetti Tree

Photo Source: Little Family Fun

Before beginning the project, you'll need to create the confetti "leaves". Older crafters can certainly help with this (and it's great for fine motor development!). Younger crafters, however, may not be strong enough to use the punch and will most likely need help with this step. To make the confetti, fold the pieces of construction paper several times and use a single hole punch to punch holes in the folded paper, catching the pieces in a bag or bowl.

Once the confetti has been created, provide your kiddos with a piece of white card stock and a brown crayon, inviting them to draw a tree trunk and branches on the paper. You might also consider;
  • Simply printing bare tree clip art - like the image below - onto a piece for your students to color.
  • Photo Source: Little Family Fun
  • Having your students use brown craft paint and their fingers to finger paint a tree trunk and branches onto their paper
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

Whichever tree you decide to use, the final step is adding the confetti! Have students add lines of glue along the tree branches, at the base of the tree, and even add dots of glue around the tree. Place the paper with wet glue inside an aluminum roasting pan and sprinkle the construction paper confetti on top of the paper. Have students gently shake the pan/paper to make sure all of the wet glue is covered, then shake the excess confetti back into the pan - and voila!

Photo Source: Little Family Fun

For the full project and lots of other great activity ideas, be sure to visit Linda's blog, Little Family Fun!