Homemade Building Discs

sculpture made from colorful homemade slotted discs
Photo Source: madebyjoel.blogspot.com

Sometimes the simplest (homemade!) toys offer the greatest opportunity for learning, skill building, and fun! Take these fantastic homemade building discs created by Joel Henriques - father, artist, and creative soul behind the site, Made by Joel. Vibrantly colored and handily stored in a recycled mint tin, students won't realize that the newest addition to the play corner can actually be used to build the following skills:

baby block 1 Fine Motor Skills. Sliding the discs together strengthens the hand muscles and improves coordination, while building focus and accuracy.
baby block 2 Problem Solving Skills. Whether following a model or building from their own imagination, the process of creating and figuring out how the discs fit together offers a brilliant opportunity for ingenuity and problem solving.
baby block 3 Social Skills. As children build and play together, they learn how to share, hold conversations, work through disagreements, and successfully interact with their peers.
printable circles
Photo Source: madebyjoel.blogspot.com

Click on the template picture to visit Made by Joel - there you'll find the download, printing instructions, and helpful tips for making your very own set of slotted building discs! And while you're there, be sure to look around. Joel offers tons of great projects to try out in the classroom. Best of all, he offers templates for most of them to help take the guesswork out of making your own!

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