Heart Health Month - Roll & Exercise Game

Heart Health Month Roll and Exercise Game

The whole point of February being 'Heart Health Month' is that your kiddos learn the importance of making responsible choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise. We think it's a great idea to get your kiddos out of their seats and actually doing some heart healthy exercises - not only so they can see how easy it is, but also how exercise/active play can be fun! We came up with this 'roll & exercise' game that you can do as a class or in small groups.

Game preparation...

Print the provided game dice onto card stock and assemble, or use this handy paper die template we found over at SparkleBox to create, print, and assemble your own game dice! Keep in mind that to play the game, you'll need two die - one for number of repetitions and one for exercises to be performed.

[NOTE: Our 'rep' die starts at ten and goes up to twenty in intervals of two. Additionally, the exercise die incorporpates exercises students would commonly encounter in gym class.]

To play the game...

Game play is simple. First, have student volunteers roll the game dice - identifying both the exercise displayed and the number of repetitions to be performed. Then, have all players do the exercise! Play until your kiddos are tuckered out!

Heart Health Month - Roll & Exercise Game


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Peggy Jensen (McArthur, US)

this is a free product, emailed to me. I use these exercise dice for my classes of nutrition nd physical activity they work well

kali boni (Bayamón, PR)


Sean Gourlay (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)

Nice, quick and easy to download...thank you!

Kristin Malone (Harrisonville, US)

It is a great center idea.

amy lesher (Linthicum Heights, US)

very much enjoy when things are shared for free