Halloween Game for Kids - Candy Corn Toss

Halloween or Fall Kids Party Game

If you're looking for a fun {not-too-scary} game for your kiddos to play during your Halloween/harvest party, try this simple candy corn toss...

Supplies You'll Need

To assemble...

Begin by drawing and cutting two candy corn shapes from the poster/tag board. Modeling after the candy, divide the cutouts into three sections, painting the top section yellow and the middle section orange. As the cutouts dry, use the permanent marker to label the cups with numbers {or use word processing software and adhesive circle labels like we did!}. We chose point values from 1 to 3, but you can customize the point structure any way you wish! Once the candy corn cutouts are dry, use the super glue to attach the cups on the game board.

To play...

Divide students into two teams, arming each student with five pieces of candy corn. Set up the candy corn game boards and set up a "tossing line". Have students take turns tossing their candy in an attempt to earn points for their team. Once each student has had a chance to participate, count out the points earn and declare the winner!

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