Halloween Candy Number Practice

Halloween Number Practice Kindergarten Lesson Plan and Printable

This fun Halloween themed math center is great for students who still need a little practice with their numbers, including numeral recognition, number word recognition, and tally marks! Just as your kiddos will take their trick or treat bag from door to door to collect candy over the holiday, the activity invites students to identify the numeral labeling each candy bag cutout and collect the appropriate pieces of candy!

Activity notes...

  • Invite students to first identify the numeral on each candy bag and lay them out in numerical order, then start matching the candy pieces to the appropriate bag.
  • To make recording easier, print the candy bag cutouts onto different colored paper. Once the sets are in order, students can then record their work by coloring the candy bag image on their worksheet to match the candy bag cutout in the set, printing the number word in the first box, and drawing the correct tally marks in the second box. For example, using the colors from the image above...
    Halloween Number Practice Kindergarten Lesson Plan
    Example entry on recording sheet

Halloween Candy Number Practice


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