Great Tips for Brain Fitness

Our brains need to be exercised and challenged in order to 'grow'. Just like muscles in our body, we must 'use it or lose it', so to speak. Here are some great brain fitness tips from We Are Teachers.

  1. Rhythm is key. In physical workouts, precision is key to result optimization. In the same way, when practicing critical tasks, finding an effective balance between frequency and intensity (or the appropriate 'rhythm') is crucial to brain development and success.
  2. Walk the line. While you want to continually challenge your students, you don't want to overwhelm or frustrate them. Find the optimal balance that will stretch students mentally without disheartening their enthusiasm.
  3. Explore the benefits of cross training. Find ways to reinforce past concepts by incorporating them into current lessons. This will help them to make connections and build upon what they know, as well as, keep previous lessons fresh in their mind.
  4. 'Progressive' rewards. As lessons are progressively difficult, rewards should increase as well to keep students motivated.
  5. No fear. Your classroom should be an open, safe environment where students feel comfortable taking risks, asking questions, and exploring their own creativity.
  6. A 'personal trainer' for their brain. As their teacher, it is critical that you tailor lessons to age and skill level. Be on the lookout for points of contact that are specific to their interests and will engage them in meaningful learning experiences.

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