Great Organization Tip for ALL Those Papers!

Oganization Idea for Classroom Papers
Photo Source: First Last!

Looking for a way to keep yourself organized each week? Are you currently using a file folder system that just doesn't seem to be able to contain the numerous papers you accumulate on a daily basis? Or do you find yourself drowning in paper piles all over your desk? If you find yourself in any of these situations, check out this fantastic organization idea that was featured by Sarah over at First Last!

To create your own system you'll just need a five or six drawer set-up (these can be easily found at your local big box store) and cute labels for each day of the week. Then keep the papers you'll need for the day in the corresponding drawer - papers to copy, copies to hand out, notes to send home, assignments that need graded, etc. No need to go searching for the right stack anymore! Everything you need for the day will be in one place. Genius!

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