Goldfish Counting & Number Practice

Counting Math Preschool PrintableHere's a fun math activity that's super simple and will help your preschoolers practice counting, number recognition, and numeral writing. It's a fantastic exercise for beginners, teaching students how to visually count items.

Materials You'll Need

  • Mason jar (one per station)
  • Goldfish crackers

Add goldfish crackers to each mason jar - choose a small number and spread the crackers out so they are easily seen and counted. Invite your kiddos to observe the jar, counting its contents and drawing the same number of goldfish crackers in the jar on their recording sheet. Have them to select and write the appropriate numeral answer, then practice tracing the numbers at the bottom of the page.

[NOTE: You might consider stocking each station with the same number of goldfish crackers, or making them different numbers so that students complete the activity several times with different results.]

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Goldfish Counting & Number Practice

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