Glue For Toddlers

One of the ways toddlers explore their surroundings and further their own cognitive and physical development is through hand-to-mouth interaction. This is great when teaching children how to feed themselves, but can be detrimental when attempting to play games or do art projects in class. Crayons, play-doh, and craft glue, the cornerstones of art exploration, are all big temptations for a two year old. Deborah, creator of Excellence in Early Childhood Education, has developed a wonderful alternative to using craft glue—corn syrup and food coloring! This colorful mixture is safe for curious students who tend to put things in their mouths and does the job of normal glue. While it takes a bit longer for the corn syrup to dry, the fact that it holds its color afterward provides some unique crafting opportunities. On her blog, Deborah shows how blue corn syrup glue can be used to create a fun fish bowl craft.

Starting with a card stock cutout of a fish bowl, instruct your students to use a paintbrush to spread blue paste across the surface. Provide your students with two fish shapes and some assorted beans. Encourage your children to sprinkle the beans at the bottom of the fish bowl to make gravel and place the fish in their new home. While these dry, you can gather together as a class and vote on what to name the class ‘fish’. Create character traits for these classroom additions and ask your students to imagine a tale about what they’ll like to do in their new home.

Excellence in Early Childhood Education: Sweet glue for preschoolers

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