Giraffe Play Dough Counting Mat

giraffe play dough counting mat preschool printable
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Used independently or reserved for use in an animal unit {or other relevant unit of study!}, this giraffe play dough counting mat from Karen Cox of PreKinders would make a great math and fine motor center activity for your preschoolers! Students strengthen number recognition as they identify the numeral at the top of the mat and build fine motor/counting skills as they pinch the appropriate number of 'leaves' from their ball of green play dough.

The best part is, you can 'get more miles' out of this activity by changing up the math manipulatives used to complete it. Here's a non-exhaustive list of possibilities {...that will also allow you to reuse the activity mats}:

  • Flat floral marbles {in green, of course!}
  • Foam leaf cutouts
  • Gumdrops, M&Ms, skittles, or other green candies
  • Small silk leaves
  • Green beads, gems, or buttons
  • Dried beans or pasta died green

Other Considerations...

  • Laminate the mats {or place them in plastic document protectors}, inviting students to draw the leaves in using a dry erase marker or crayon.
  • Provide students with mats and a shallow dish of green paint, having students place the appropriate number of fingerprint 'leaves' onto the worksheet.
  • Have students complete the activity using leaf stickers or leaf stamps/ink pads.

However you decide to use these mats, you can be certain that your students will be getting some great counting practice! Head over to PreKinders for the download and be sure to check out Karen's other fantastic resources!

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