Gingerbread Themed Skill Worksheets

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Homeschool Creations, designed and maintained by mother and educator, Jolanthe Erb, is a blog that every preschool teacher should bookmark! With spectacular tips, inspiration, and printables, this site is a marvelous supplemental resource for your curriculum!

Just in time for the holidays, Jolanthe has released a series of baby gingerbread themed preschool worksheets to compliment the use of Jan Brett's twist on the classic tale, Gingerbread Baby (or other gingerbread themed children's literature!). They're simple, explore a wide range of skills, and are sure to compliment any classroom! Here are a few of our favorite worksheets:

Color Recognition & Writing Practice.

Students will love identifying the color of each gingerbread man's buttons and tracing each color word. For extra fun, invite students to cut each card apart, mount them onto matching construction paper, then use a hole punch and binder ring to create their very own baby gingerbread color book!

gingerbread men with different colored buttons
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Patterning Practice.

Have students begin with simple patterns like ABAB, then try trickier arrangements ABCABC and so on. It might also be fun to assign each student a particular character and make "people" patterns (i.e. students line up when their character is needed in the chain).

gingerbread men, gingerbread women, and fox patterning worksheet
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Scissor Skill Practice.

Your preschoolers are sure to love this scissor work! With zig zags, waves, curves, and more, they're sure to be challenged as they strengthen fine motor skills. Consider offering the worksheets on paper of different thicknesses for an extra challenge (i.e. thin paper will challenge their coordination as they hold the paper and cut, while thicker paper will challenge their strength).

fox and gingerbread man themed scissor cutting practice worksheet
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Size Sequencing Practice.

As students place these gingerbread men in order - smallest to largest and largest to smallest - they'll strengthen sequencing skills and learn new vocabulary words (i.e. largest, larger, larger than, smaller than, smaller, smallest, etc.).

different size gingerbread men size sequencing worksheet
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Be sure to check out Jolanthe's full post for these and other great printables!

Happy Learning!