Gingerbread Dice Game

Posted on November 30, 2011 | By kayla
Winter and Christmas Counting Math Game Preschool Printable
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We found this fun math game over at Kinzie's Kreations and thought it would make a great winter math center activity! Here's the gist - each player gets a gingerbread game board and some crayons. On their turn, invite your students to roll a die, count the number of dots displayed, then find the corresponding numeral on their game board and color in the section. [NOTE: There are multiples of each number. However, if the student can't find any uncolored spots that correspond with the number they rolled on their turn - students must pass the die to the next player and miss a turn.] Students continue taking turns and coloring in sections until one player has colored their entire gingerbread man/woman!

This is a great way for students to strengthen fine motor control {rolling the die can be a hard skill to master and coloring is a great way to build the muscles needed for holding a pencil}, practice counting skills, and build numeral recognition!

Be sure to head on over to Kinzie's Kreations for this awesome download!

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