Gingerbread Color Book

{As a new site, we're constantly searching for (and finding!) new resources, blogs, and websites that offer free printables for teachers, parents, childcare providers, and babysitters of preschoolers! One of our newest favorites is Musings of Me, a blog created and maintained by Michelle, a talented mother, teacher, and (currently) houseparent, who is on a quest to homeschool her 3-year-old. Here are a few of her winter designs that we found quite darling!}

gingerbread themed emergent reader color book
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Gingerbread Color Book

I don't know about you, but we've always had the most fun teaching our preschoolers colors! There are so many wonderful activities and this gingerbread color book just adds to the mix! Each page provides students with a black and white gingerbread print to color as well as simple text for easy reading again and again (i.e. "The Gingerbread Man is red.", etc.).

Coloring Considerations

  • Provide students with crayons or other graphic art tools.
  • Present students with small pieces of colored art tissue paper to collage to the gingerbread prints.
  • Have students look through magazines for colored clippings to collage to the gingerbread prints.
  • Invite students to try a new form of painting (i.e. bubble painting, eye dropper painting, sponge painting, do-a-dot painting, toothbrush painting, etc.) to spice up the activity.

However you create this fun gingerbread color book, your students are sure to enjoy reading over and over!

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