Getting Started On a Fall Leaf Book

Fall or Autumn Science Kids Craft
Photo Source: | jkvkdailey

While the leaves haven't started to fall yet, now is the perfect time to begin preparations for an autumn 'leaf book' project. Take a walk outside, identifying the different types of trees in your area. Take or find pictures of the trees, introducing them and the various leaf shapes to your kiddos. This way, when the leaves begin to fall, your students will have working knowledge of the "samples" they'll be collecting.

Supplies You'll Need

The process is quite simple - be sure to visit Squidoo for the full directions - and it results in a fun fall keepsake. For older learners, consider having them create labels identifying each leaf {i.e. oak, maple, etc.} or use one of their collected samples to create a scientific diagram of the parts of a leaf - leafstalk, midrib, veins, etc. As your kiddos work, talk about why leaves change color in the fall and charge your students to keep their leaf books to compare their samples to the leaves they find in the spring and summer months.