Fun Patterning Activity for Your Preschoolers

There are some activities that work well as a classroom exercise and some that are best set out in play areas for individual exploration. This patterning exercise is a great activity to set up while your preschoolers aren't around and introduce later as a 'playtime puzzle'. Allie, stay-at-home mom and blogger, provides a simple supply list: colored clothes pins and stiff paper. In preparation, cut several long strips from the stiff paper and begin a clothespin pattern. For younger students, an "ABABA" pattern will be easier to observe and repeat, but some of your students might be advanced enough to try an "ABCABC" pattern.

Once everything has been set up, tell any students who approach the table, that you have a problem and ask them if they can use their 'detective skills' to help you figure it out. Most preschoolers will jump at the chance to 'help' their teacher out of a jam. It makes them feel important. Don't immediately pick up a strip of paper to begin, but allow your student to choose which 'problem' s/he'd like to solve. If they struggle with the concept, assist them with a chant like "red, blue, red, blue..."

Preschool Patterning Activity | No Time For Flash Cards

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