Fun Math Activities For Halloween

Photo Source: Flickr | Akash Kataruka

One math manipulative Allie of No Time For Flash Cards never goes without is themed mini erasers. They're inexpensive, versatile, and make great activity prizes! If you've stocked up on all your favorite Halloween character erasers here are some great exercises to complete with your students.


Choose three different object/character erasers for this activity. Find a fun Halloween themed bowl or pail and put a different amount of each eraser type in the container. Have students sit in a circle on the floor and place a simple graphing poster board in the middle.

  1. Invite students to pass the bucket around and predict which group of erasers has the most. Record the predictions on the chalkboard.
  2. Have students to pass the bucket around again, inviting each child to pick out an eraser and place it next to it's picture poster board graph. When finished, discuss terms like most, least, more than, less than, etc.
  3. Have students count each grouping of erasers, write down their individual answers, then count as a class to check their math.

Patterning Start several different patterns of erasers (e.g. ABBA, ABAB, ABC-ABC, etc.). Have student volunteers come up and place the next eraser in the sequence. If they need it, help them by repeating the sequence out loud (e.g. ghost, pumpkin, ghost, pumpkin, etc.).

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Halloween Math! | No Time For Flash Cards

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