Fun Fabric USA Flag Craft for Kids!

Photo Source: Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Construction paper, craft sticks, and _____ are fine flag crafting materials, but there's nothing quite like creating an authentic fabric flag! Stephanie over at Boy Mama Teacher Mama put together this great cloth flag tutorial and we thought it would make the perfect addition to your 4th of July crafting plans!


white cloth cut into rectangles

red, white and blue acrylic craft paint

sponges cut into pieces and/or paint brushes


wooden dowels

hot glue

Photo Source: Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Creating the Flags

Secure the cloth rectangle to your kiddos' workspace using tape, then provide them with paint and sponges/brushes and invite them to create a flag. Students may choose to replicate the flag of the United States or design their own flag using similar elements.

Photo Source: Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Once dry, use hot glue to attach a wooden dowel to the cloth flag and display!

Photo Source: Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Didn't these turn out amazing!? For this craft and lots of other great ideas, be sure to visit Boy Mama Teacher Mama!

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