FREE Fall Themed Sight Word Game Printable!

Photo Source: Primary Inspiration

Are your kiddos excited about Halloween? It's hard to believe it's right around the corner! If you're looking for a fun fall activity that features pumpkins and other fun fall items versus more scary Halloween-inspired images, we suggest checking out this super cute FREE fall themed sight word game created by Linda over at Primary Inspiration! Again, it's very kid-friendly, as far as the theme goes, and is a great way for your students to brush up on early reading/literacy skills!

The sight words featured are and, big, can, for, go, is, like, look, the, to, we, and you. And, to play the game, all you need is the free printable, a penny, and a game marker for each player.

Here's the gist of how to play;

  • Each player begins in the leaf pile and, on their turn, flips the penny. If the penny lands on 'heads', the player counts ahead 2 spaces, reads the sight word on the space, and if read correctly, moves their game marker to the space. If the penny lands on 'tails', the player counts ahead 1 space and follows the same prodcedure.
  • The player who makes it all the way around the game board and back to the leaf pile first, wins!

To grab your own copy of this FREE fall themed sight word game, be sure to visit Primary Inspiration!