Fraction Pie

Fractions are the foundation of many math concepts. Just like letters make up words, and words make up sentences, and sentences make up paragraphs, etc., math is an ordered science. You can’t skip straight to calculus without the knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, and so much more. As a teacher, your job is to ensure that each building block is in its rightful place and firmly cemented. The concept of a fraction, or part of a whole, is difficult for many students to comprehend. So much so, that many teacher resources devote significant time to equipping educators with helpful tools to make the process easier. Lier, creator of “ikat bag” blog, offers a wonderful activity for visual learners who are bored with the ever-popular math counters. Following her instructions, an ordinary cardboard box can turn into a fun fraction puzzle! The number and difficulty of each ‘pie section’ will depend upon the age and skill of your students. Additionally, as students become more and more comfortable with identifying fractions, you can begin discussing equivalent fractions using the ‘pie pieces’ to demonstrate visually.

ikat bag: Cardboard Fractions

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