Fraction, Decimal and Percent Go Fish! Review Game

Go Fish Game for Math Fraction, Decimal and Percent Review
Photo Source: Teaching in Room 6

Heading into a big test, spice up your math review on fractions, decimals and percents with this clever use of the game Go Fish! Stephanie over at Teaching in Room 6 put together this incredible idea to keep her students engaged as they reviewed (a BIG step up from your typical worksheet, after worksheet, after worksheet for review!).

Go Fish!

Before you play the game you will need to create your game cards. A matching 'set' in this game of go fish will consist of three cards (the equivalent fraction, decimal and percent). Print out as many sets as you will need to play the game (game will be played in groups of 4) on white card stock and cut into cards. Simple as that!

To begin, divide your class into groups of four. Each student then gets five cards, with the extra cards placed in the middle of the group as the draw pile. Students then play Go Fish (just as you would with typical Go Fish cards) until they've created matching sets.

Playing Go Fish Game for Math Review
Photo Source: Teaching in Room 6

As your students play the game, have them show their work for figuring out the equivalent fractions, decimals and percents. Which fraction turns into which decimal, which percentage turns into which decimal, etc. This way you can monitor if any of your students are struggling with the concept before test day!

Worksheet for Go Fish Game Math Review
Photo Source: Teaching in Room 6

We hope you find this idea as exciting as we did! I know I would have MUCH preferred to play a game for review when I was in school. When you're finished playing, be sure to head over to Teaching in Room 6 to see what else Stephanie's class is up to!