Dinosaur Fossil Making

Dinosaur Fossil Making

While your students may learn about how fossils are formed in their science classes or see a real fossil from afar on a class trip to a museum, there is nothing like learning through a hands-on experience. Kathy Barbro, California art teacher and creator of the blog Art Projects for Kids, shares a great activity where your students can create their own fossils.

Supplies You'll Need
- Plastic dinosaur skeletons
- Clay
- Plaster
- Cardboard
- Heavy paper
- Tape
- Tempera paint Dinosaur skeletons may be difficult to find in your local toy store. They are relatively inexpensive and, with the right imagination, can be used for other projects and activities in the classroom. To begin, provide each student with a 5" x 5" piece of cardboard, a 2.5" ball of clay, a strip of heavy paper measuring 11" x 2", and some tape.

After each child has set up properly (see Barbro's instructions), encourage them to choose a dinosaur and make their prints. The actual fossils will then be made from plaster, let to dry, and painted with watered down tempera paint to give it a muddy look. Kids will love getting messy and creating their own 'piece of science'.

Art Projects for Kids: Dinosaur Fossils

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