Flowers from Plastic Bottles

Need some inspiring spring decorations for your classroom? Try these fun recycled flowers from Kathy, creator of the blog CRAFTS AND CREATIONS WITH KMOM14.

Supplies You'll Need
- 2-liter plastic bottle
- Large plastic bottle cap
- Hot glue gun
- Spray paint
- Kid's craft scissors Once you've washed out and de-labeled the bottle, use sharp craft scissors to cut off the top (right where it begins to taper away from the 'body' of the bottle). Focusing on the top piece, cut one-inch strips, starting at the bottom edge and continuing up to the neck of the bottle. These cut pieces should then be pressed down to form the flower petals. Use scissors to create the petal shape desired (e.g. rounded, pointed, etc.).

Use spray paint to coat both sides of the flower. The bottle cap will then be used as the center of the flower. Spray paint this as well if you desire then, when dry, use a hot glue gun to attach it to the flower. Experiment with different color combinations and designs. These crafts make great bulletin board borders, look great when left to hang from the ceiling, windows, or doors, and, if stems are added, can be used to fill homemade vases as well!


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