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Princess Math Game Preschool Printable
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If your kiddos are going through "royal" phase, you might consider incorporating one of these spectacular games created by Mama Jenn {and "fit for a king", of course!} into your math center or free play area.

The Princess & the Frog. {Pictured on the right.} In this game, students are charged with helping each Princess reach their frog 'Prince' by rolling a game die, properly counting the number of dots displayed, and crossing off the corresponding numeral. The Princess can only be united with her Prince when all the numbers along the floral path have been crossed off. This activity is fantastic for practicing counting and number recognition. [Click here for the download.]

The Royal Crown. This game is quite simple, but is a great way to foster counting skills and the concept of 1:1 correspondence. Using a regular game die {or an education cube with fun inserts as Jenn shows on her site}, have your students roll the die, count the number of dots/objects, then cross off or mark the same number of crowns on their game board. The first student who fills their entire board, wins! [Click here for the download.]

Head on over to Mama Jenn for these spectacular downloads {and while you're there, be sure to hang around for a while and check out her other fantastic early childhood posts!}.

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