First Day of School Photo Op Idea

Photo Idea for Back to School
Photo Source: Learning is Something to Treasure

We love this idea that was featured by Lisa at Learning is Something to Treasure! It's perfect for back-to-school. Capture your kiddos first day with a super cute and easy to put together picture frame!! Putting the frame together is actually something a special student or two could help with if you have the time.

Supplies Needed

Picture frame

Black acrylic paint

Paint brush

Red letters

Apple accents (or any accent of your choice to display name & year)

Pencil (or white paint if you prefer to paint the dots)

Start by painting the picture frame black with acrylic paint. Once it dries, use a hot glue gun to adhere the letters to the frame (you could also try sticky tack if you want to be able to remove them to use the frame for something else). Lisa then used a pencil eraser to create the white dots around the frame. You could also use white paint if you prefer. For the finishing touch, place the apple on the side of the frame with the child's name and the year.

It really is that simple! You're ready to start snapping photos. What parent wouldn't love to receive this during their child's first week of school?!?

Be sure to check out Lisa's fantastic blog Learning is Something to Treasure when you're finished with your photo op!

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