First Aid Butterflies

Most preschoolers are fascinated by the firefighters and paramedics with their 'big trucks' and 'bright lights'. It's important for children to learn why these men and women are critical to our communities, as well as, about first aid and what to do in an emergency situation (i.e. listen to what an adult tells you, practice drills, etc.). This can sometimes be a more serious unit, so why not lighten the atmosphere with a fun first aid craft!

Allie, creator of No Time For Flash Cards, suggests using first aid supplies to make spring butterflies!

Supplies You'll Need
- Colorful band aids
- Gauze pads
- Construction paper or card stock
- Washable markers Invite your students to decorate their gauze pads with a marker. Have them open their band aids and while you or a classmate pinches the gauze together, have them place the band aid over the pad and stick it to their paper. Instruct your students to use a marker to draw antennae at the top of the band aid body and you have your very own first aid butterfly! So simple to create, this project is sure to be a hit with your students!

Band Aid Butterflies - No Time for Flash Cards