Fine Motor Skill Fun!

While most tasks your preschoolers or early ed students complete throughout the day help strengthen their motor skills, targeted practice is important too! Homeschooling mom of four and Almost Unschoolers blogger shares a great exercise that'll do just that!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled food packaging (e.g. cereal box, cracker box, etc.)
- Sharpie marker
- Craft scissors
- Paper clip
- Magnet

Creating the Board

Begin by cutting a rectangle from your recycled food box. On a cereal or cracker box, the front or back panel works great! This will be the "game board". Using a permanent marker, draw a looped, twirly path from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Since the outside of the box will be littered with designs, lettering, etc. it's best to create your maze on the inside of the panel. Be sure to label the trail's "Start" and "Finish" points. Creating the Game Pieces

On one of the side panels or box flaps, draw a fun character (e.g. person or animal) or an object (e.g. bicycle, helicopter, etc.). Cut the object out, making sure to leave a one-inch flap at the bottom. This flap should be folded under creating the illusion that the person or object is upright. Attach a paper clip to each character's flap. These will be the "game pieces".

How to Play

Have your preschooler or early ed student chose a game piece. Invite them to place it upright at start, using a moveable magnet beneath the playing board to hold it in place. Demonstrate how to hold the game board while manipulating the magnet underneath to "steer" their player through the maze. A wonderful activity to strengthen concentration and fine motor ability!

Almost Unschoolers: Cereal Box Magnet Mover

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