Fine Motor Fun for Your Toddlers & Preschoolers

Fine motor games and activities help your young learners build muscle strength in their fingers and wrists, develop hand stability, and strengthen hand-eye coordination, important foundational functions for many simple activities performed throughout the day {and life!}. If you're looking to start a fine motor skill center in your classroom, here are some great activities to get you started. The best part - you can find most of the components in your recycling bin or {inexpensively!} at your local grocery store.

toddler preschool fine motor activity chenille stems and collander
Photo Source: Tinker Lab

Have students thread colorful chenille stems through the holes of a colander, like these "sculptures" we found at Tinker Lab.

toothpick and parmesan cheese container preschool fine motor skill activity
Photo Source: Arts & Crofts

Invite your students to place toothpicks through the holes of a cheese shaker like this activity from Arts & Crofts.

craft sticks and mayonnaise bottle preschool fine motor activity
Photo Source: Preschool Lesson Plans

Set out recycled mayonnaise bottles and craft sticks, inviting students to practice dropping them through the slots like this exercise we found at Tons of Fun

plastic Parmesan cheese and drinking straw preschool fine motor skill activity
Photo Source: Me & Marie

Have students thread colorful drinking straws through the holes of a recycled Parmesan cheese container, like this activity at Me & Marie.

recycled bottles and drinking straws preschool fine motor skills
Photo Source: Me & Marie

Invite students to fit drinking straws into recycled plastic bottles like this exercise from Me & Marie.