Finally…Paper Planes Are Appropriate In School!

While most educators spend their days attempting to keep cell phones, toys, and other contraband out of the classroom, adapting a few lessons to embrace these inevitabilities can offer a unique learning experience for your students. Shirley, a preschool activities blogger, invites you to do just that by opening your mind to the possibilities of learning through paper planes. For teachers not schooled in the art of folding paper planes, it is best to do your research before attempting this activity. Search online or go to your local library to find books on folding different types of paper planes. “The Ultimate Paper Plane Book” by Paul Jackson is an excellent resource, providing pictures and written instructions for your students to follow. Keeping in mind the age and skill level of your students choose three or four plane models and make copies for students to use. Make these available during the activity, but encourage individual ingenuity as well. Some students may have already ‘perfected’ the ideal plane.

Provide colorfully pattered craft paper or encourage students decorate their planes with markers and stickers. Once your students are satisfied with their crafts, hold a contest in the hallway to see which design and throwing skill causes the plane to fly the furthest. With this activity, students will learn to follow directions, improve both fine and gross motor skills through folding and throwing, and will get hands on experience in counting and measuring.

Paper Plane Math Activity

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