Fall Themed Find & Graph Activity

Fall Graphing Preschool Lesson Plan and Preschool Printable We love the spinner, dice, grab bag, etc. graphing activities, but sometimes you need something a bit more contained and/or quiet to do with your kiddos. This fall themed find and graph is just the ticket! The worksheet features various fall themed clip art images as well as a graph template and, to complete, students are invited to search through the pictures to find, count, and graph the number of each item. Your preschoolers can work on these independently and, if desired, you can do extension 'data analysis' activities as a class.

For example,

  • Which item did you find the most of? How many?
  • Which item did you find the least of? How many?
  • Did you find an equal number of any items?

[NOTE: This also provides an opportunity for self-check - i.e. everyone found more squirrels than other items, but I found the same number of squirrels as scarecrows, maybe I should check again.]

Fall Themed Find & Graph Activity


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