Fall Math Pack FREEBIE for Preschool & Kindergarten!

Photo Source: The Moffatt Girls

Annie Moffatt, former elementary school teacher and creator of The Moffatt Girls, is an amazing worksheet designer. Seriously, we highly recommend her products and suggest heading over there to take a look! A few years ago she put together this FREE fall math pack, with seven awesome activities, and we think it would make a wonderful addition to your fall math centers!

The pack aligns with common core standards and includes the following activities:

  • Domino Addition Sheet
  • Blank Domino Addition Sheet
  • What Comes Next (Number Sense)
  • Roll a Pumpkin
  • Roll, Add, and Color
  • Cut, Paste and Trace #'s 1-20
  • Cut Paste and Trace #'s 10-100 (Count by 10's)

A great set of activities with great designs! Be sure to head over to The Moffatt Girls to grab a copy of this amazing pack of worksheets!