Fall Color-By-Number

Fall Problem Solving and Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: moffattgirls.blogspot.com

Following directions. Numeral recognition. Color and color word recognition. Fine motor building. These fall themed color-by-number printables from Annie of The Moffatt Girls are a fun way to get some extra skill practice during the holiday season.

Start by cutting each of the word strips apart so that students don't get any of the words and word keys mixed up. Next, select a word strip to work on as a class, providing students with an example. They'll be just fine if they remember to...

  • Look at the letter
  • Identify the number on the letter
  • Find the matching numeral in the key
  • Identify the color word next to the matching numeral
  • Color the letter

...and repeat this process for each letter in the word!

[NOTE: Since the key is printed in black and white, if your kiddos need assistance identifying the color words, consider adding a color word "cheat sheet" to go along with the center... Or remind students that they can check the labels on their Crayolas!]

Annie provides the free download for her fall color-by-number at The Teachers Notebook so be sure to head on over!