Exploring the Mixture of Cornstarch and Water

It's no secret that children are attracted to messes! Here is a great activity for those pre-summer days when your preschoolers are stuck inside with no outlet for their creative energies.

Recipe for Goop
- Cornstarch
- Water
- Food coloring (if you desire) This mixture is special in that it can be a liquid, but also a solid. Have your students explore mixing the goop with spoons, measuring cups, their hands, and various other utensils. For a lesson in mixing colors, add several drops of complimentary food coloring into the mixture and invite your students to explore what happens.

A great compliment to this project is Dr. Seuss' "Bartholomew and the Oobleck", as well as, a tour of YouTube for interesting 'goop' videos. In one video, they fill a pool with the substance (they call it non-newtonian fluid) and run across it. It's a pretty neat concept for your preschoolers to explore! 

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